Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to be in shape to join Phoenix Muay Thai Boxing?

No you do not! At Phoenix Muay Thai Boxing we pride ourselves on getting our students into shape – actually great shape. Its what we do! Don’t wait to get into shape!

Is Muay Thai Boxing good for self-defense?

Muay Thai boxing is one of the best systems of self defense. Our training program is designed to teach students what really works. Muay Thai Boxing is a very strong defense art that enables one to defend from strong attacks and counter with weapons like elbows and the Muay Thai Boxing infamous and deadly leg kicks.

Is Muay Thai Boxing safe?

You won’t get kicked in the head or walk home with black eyes. Our training programs are primarily non-contact. We use the safest equipment and cut no corners for your safety. Only those who desire and have obtained the necessary skills are allowed contact training.

Is Muay Thai boxing for women ?

Yes! Women make up 30% of our classes, and we’re not talking about aerobic kickboxing here, rather our serious classes. At Phoenix Muay Thai Boxing our instructors pride themselves in helping women develop the spirit of strength and toughness. Our training environment is friendly and motivating so you can learn at your pace, we will push you to new limits. We have women students that range in ages from 5 to 50.

How do I get started ?

We encourage beginners to “dive in” and “get in shape now”! Obviously, those who have some athletic background and exercise regularly tend to fare better than those who are “couch potatoes”. Either way, it’s hard to avoid the muscle soreness and fatigue that comes with first-time training. Even advanced students who have been training for many years always regret missing too many classes for fear of having to get back into shape again. , Muay Thai Boxing is a challenge. As we say, “the first class is always the hardest”.

How often do I need to train ?

Frequency of training ultimately depends on the your needs and schedule. Of course, like anything else, the more you put into Muay Thai Boxing the more you will get out. This is especially true with Martial Arts in general since practice and training over time will ultimately improve ones endurance, technique and strength.

How much is a session?

Session are £6.50‎ per person, per session.
Private lesson (1 2 1) are £25 per person, per session.

What Should I wear for my first lesson?

Dressing for Muay Thai is really simple, you just need to wear something comfortable, loose fitting and light weight.