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Beginner/Intermediate Class

A typical class starts with an easy warm-up which leads onto the basics of boxing, kicks, knees and elbows to the Thai pad, a beginner will also learn how to hold the pads correctly. Students learn to put their combinations together working with a partner and using shadowboxing.

Under 16s Classes
Bully Proof Your Child

Kru Rick Lewis and his Phoenix Muay Thai Boxing team also specialises in private and group lessons for children. Typically, for ages 5 and up (or as soon as they can determine their right from their left), children are taught discipline and the basics of Muay Thai. Rick is continually praised for his expert tuition and his focus on control, manners and discipline. Most importantly, Rick is always stressing the need to walk away from fights whenever possible.

Krabi krabong

Krabi Krabong is a Thai weapon-based martial art closely related to Burmese Banshay and Malay Silat.Aside from weapons, Krabi Krabong incorporates unarmed techniques as well. The empty-handed form is kick-based but also uses pressure points, locks, holds and throws.
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Private 121 Muay Thai Boxing Lessons
Private 121 Muay Thai Boxing Lessons


Private Lesson / One on One Training

From beginners to fighters private lessons are excellent for giving the personal attention an individual may need to master a difficult technique or for extra help with their grading. Unlike group classes, private lessons are tailored to your individual needs, with mistakes immediately corrected and intensely focused motivation, students learn at an accelerated rate. This type of monitored training proves to be the most efficient since bad habits can be easily spotted. Since private lessons are costly for some students.

After training for a while you may wish to grade. Your instructor teaches the grading system to you and Master Sken or Kru Rick Lewis assesses you, which means the grading has been earned and not just given to you, so you stay training with your instructor. If you pass your grading you will receive an armband (kruang – ruang), the colour of this armband denotes the grade you have attained.