Disclaimer Form And Medical Form

Please read the disclaimer below, then enter your name and email address, as well as accepting the conditions of the disclaimer.

This must be done before you can participate in classes at Phoenix Muay Thai.

I the trainee/parent/guardian, agree that whilst training without insurance, the student understands that no liability what so ever is attached to Richard Lewis, Phoenix Muay Thai Ltd, or any of its instructors for any accident causing injury, damage or death to any person or person’s, or property that may arise whilst attending any activities otherwise within or about the premises. The student has no known medical illness, disability or takes any medication which prohibits or impedes them from participating in the activities and functions of the club that has not been declared below. I understand that the information on this form will be used for club purposes including communication on classes and events, and will not be passed on to any 3rd party without prior consent.

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