After training for a while you may wish to grade. As in all the sitnarong camps your instructor (Kru Rick Lewis) takes you teaches the grading system to you and Master Sken assesses you, which means the grading has been earned and not just given to you so you stay training with your instructor. If you pass your grading you will receive a armband (kruang – ruang), the colour of this armband denotes the grade you have attained.

Students armband (kruang – ruang)
White Beginners
Blue & White
Brown & White
Brown White & Yellow
Brown White Yellow & Green
Instructors armband (kruang – ruang)
Red White
Red White & Yellow
Red White Yellow & Green
Red & Silver
Red & Gold (Master Sken)

Traditionally, armbands are given to Muay Thai Boxers as a token of good luck from a trainer. However in the “West” we use them for both good luck and as a grading system. In an effort to preserve the integrity of Muay Thai Boxing and maintain a high standard of ability, all students must be asked by Kru Rick to take the test and must be a member in good standing. As in Thailand, the Chief instructor Master Sken blesses all armbands.

All “trainee instructors” will take the more advanced of the students tests. Upon completion of these tests, each “trainee instructors” will receive the respective colour armband to signify their status as an instructor in training. In addition, both students and instructors can receive the coveted “Double arm bands”. They are given to champions or to those deserving a special honour.

First Grading White to yellow Click here