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Thai Pads

After confirming with the council we are excited to announce that within social bubbles/household adults can hold pads for each other. As children can mix outside their bubble (as allowed up to 15 children together)we can start pad work in the children’s classes too.

Returning To The Gym

phoenix muay thai news letter

Returning to the gym We are so excited to start our plans for a safe return to the gym. There is so much to tell you all and so many new things going on, so please have a read through this months newsletter. We can’t wait to welcome you all back. Children’s Classes – 12th April […]

1:1 Online Zoom Sessions


Hi All, As most of you know I am a people person and I love connecting with people, so with that in mind, I am going to do some quick 15 minute personal lessons online over zoom, the sessions are free but a donation to Phoenix Outreach CIC would be appreciated to enable us to […]


Info regarding a new game on Social Media We have become aware of a popular new game on Facebook that is gaining popularity amongst young people, although this term is also used on Snapchat, Instagram and YouTube, and want to bring it to your attention. Just as a reminder– the legal age for accessing Facebook/Instagram/YouTube […]

The Art of Fighting

The Art of Fighting

Click Below for ebook Art of fighting ebook Muay Thai The Art of Fighting Yod Ruerngsa, Khun Kao Charuad and James Cartmell Muay Thai The Art of Fighting by Yod Ruerngsa, Khun Kao Charuad and James Cartmell This DRAFT should not be sold, rented and etc. All reprinting and citation of text in part or […]

4 Muscle Groups That Muay Thai Stre...

4 Muscle Groups That Muay Thai Strengthens

There is no mistaking it, a Muay Thai class is the ultimate total body workout. Ask anyone who has trained in the “Art of Eight Limbs” and they will tell you it’s one of the most intense workouts you can ever experience. It’s fast-paced, deliberate, and explosive movements strengthen different parts of your body. A […]

Muay Thai Federation uncovers visa ...

Muay Thai Federation uncovers visa racketeering ring

The Muay Thai Federation of Nigeria (MFN) has uncovered a visa racketeering pragmatic claiming to be muaythai athletes, in an attempt to get Egyptian visas. Taken from National Online ng  NMF president Paul Egonu speaking with the media, said about 30 individuals stormed the Egyptian Embassy in Nigeria claiming to be representatives of MFN going […]

Covid 19 Update

Gym Closed  Sports and physical activity Indoor gyms and sports facilities will close. Outdoor sports courts, outdoor gyms, golf courses, outdoor swimming pools, archery/driving/shooting ranges, riding centres and playgrounds can remain open for individual exercise, and for people to use with others within your household, support bubble, or with one person from another household. Organised […]

How dangerous is Muay Thai?

How dangerous is Muay Thai?

 Is Muay Thai Dangerous? an original article from Muay Thai citizen September 21, 2016, by Kay   Sharing is caring! So, you’re thinking about taking up Muay Thai. Maybe you want to get fit, learn some self-defence, or just pick it up as a new hobby. But after watching some Muay Thai fight videos on YouTube, […]