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HALLOWEEN – We are going to have a spooky Halloween fancy dress training session at the gym on Wednesday 31st October. The class is open to all children and adults. If we could ask for volunteers on Tuesday 30th October to dress the gym all spooky.

INTER CLUBS – Next inter clubs are on 7th October. At the round house Bolton. More information is on the website. Please make sure you have given in your weight and fight records.

We also have an inter club on 4th November

at G- camp again please see website for further details.

COLD WEATHER – As winter is on its way we have a monthly jumper order. Jumpers will be ordered on the last working day of each month. The jumpers are specially ordered for you. Please make sure you order the correct size, as it can’t be returned. Jumpers are £25.50 children £ 30.50 adults.

You can also wear leggings under your shorts during the cold weather.

MEMBER-TO-MEMBER INSURANCE – Please could you all get your insurance? As in the terms and conditions I am not responsible for any injuries caused without your insurance. This is important! SIGNING IN

When coming into the gym please go straight to reception sign in and pay before you go upstairs to get changed.

GLOVES – We will be placing an order on the 24th of November for gloves these would make a good Christmas present.

The gloves are made to order. Full Payment is made at time of order there are no exceptions. The last payment will be on Thursday 22nd November. They do take time so please be patient, as they need to be made and then shipped. When they have arrived you will be notified immediately. They will be here in time for Christmas.

Leather gloves £50

Synthetic leather gloves £30.

BEING LATE – As with everything in life there are rules we have to follow. Please be on time there are a number of same students that are late every training session. I am fully aware that you can’t help traffic or just busy family life. If you know you are going to be late please text me. Also wait in reception to be invited into the class

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