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Bank Holiday Muay Thai Boxing Training

On bank holiday Monday 30th August 2021, there will be a joint class for all ages from 7 pm till 8 pm. That means the adult class and the junior class will both be at 7pm. Thanks


P.s please retweet, Facebook, emails , text or just plainly phone who you know that comes to gym.

Junior’s book in via the app for 6 pm and come at 7 pm

Adults book in via the app for 7.15 pm and come at 7 pm Rick 

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Hi all, we have recognised that paying for uniform, equipment and your member to member insurance can be expensive, so have teamed up with Klarna to spread the cost and make things more affordable.
Please see link to see how it works. Only available on goods purchased through the website.

please see link to see how it works

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We are hiring

Gym Assistant wanted.

You can only apply for this job is via this link.

We have no dealings with the application at this stage.

Administrative Assistant.

You can only apply for this job is via this link.

We have no dealings with the application at this stage.

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Returning To The Gym

phoenix muay thai news letter
Returning to the gym

We are so excited to start our plans for a safe return to the gym. There is so much to tell you all and so many new things going on, so please have a read through this months newsletter. We can’t wait to welcome you all back.

Children’s Classes – 12th April 2021
The children’s classes will be restarting on the 12th April 2021 – please continue to follow the same covid-safe processes that we put in place at the beginning:

1. Book your class:
Join us at Phoenix Muay Thai on the Wix app to easily stay updated and get in touch with me on the go.
Join with this link:
Got the app? Use the invite code: 01S1DW

2. A fresh registration needs to be filled in:

3. Please watch the following YouTube videos on arriving, going to the toilet and leaving.
Going to the toilet

Private lessons for adults and children can commence too on 12th April 2021 – please speak to Kru to arrange these.
Adults Classes –  17th May 2021
The adult’s classes will be starting on the 17th of May again, please continue to follow the same covid-safe processes that we put in place at the beginning:
1. Book your class:
Join us at Phoenix Muay Thai on the Wix app to easily stay updated and get in touch with me on the go.
Join with this link:
Got the app? Use the invite code: 01S1DW

2. A fresh registration needs to be filled in:

3. Please watch the following YouTube videos on arriving, going to the toilet and leaving.
Going to the toilet

Glow Kicks – 21st May 2021
Our loooooong awaited glow kick class will commence on 21st May 2021.
The intention was to start this in the winter when we had darkness earlier, however, we have had so much excitement and interest that we are pushing on with this as we think it’s imperative for people and their mental wellness to get those endorphin rushes from moving and having FUN.

We are gonna start with the class from 8 pm-9 pm but we may need to adjust the timings depending on the darkness. Make sure you are registered so you get all the up-to-date notifications:

Bank holiday Monday – 31st May 2021
On bank holiday Monday, there will be a joint class from 7 pm to 8 pm. All ages (min. age 5 years old) and abilities are welcome to join in on this class.

Happy Birthday – 5th June 2021
20th anniversary of Phoenix Muay Thai.

Pad Work – 21st June 2021
We will be back to doing pad work, we will also be reintroducing member to member insurance, this hasn’t been necessary during covid due to us only utilising the bags for individual work. When we revert to pad work, this insurance will be mandatory again.
We don’t ask students to join until after 4 weeks of training. After this period students will be required to join.
Insurance: £30 per year.

Celebrations – 26th June 2021
We will be celebrating the 20th anniversary of Phoenix Muay Thai and being out of lockdown CALLING ALL STUDENTS PAST AND PRESENT
I don’t know what we are going to be doing, but trust me, it’s going to be epic.
I am thinking of clearing the walkway and turning it into a club, get DJs on lights the lot. Everyone bring their own beer – drink responsibly, but party like lunatics 🙂
Sparring – 4th July 2021
The return of the sparring class. all students must have their own appropriate equipment, including gum shields, shin pads, appropriate boxing gloves for their size and weight.

New Bags
We have introduced some new branded Phoenix Muay Thai bags up in the training room on a clever pulley system, which I can’t wait for you to see. It means now we can now increase our classes to 18 people all with their own bag station with social distancing in place.

Saturday 12.15 Class
This class used to be the adult only class but we have turned it into an adults and family class. If you are training as a family, all children must be accompanied by and an adult (max 2 children per adult). If your child has trained in the children’s class that day, they can’t train in the adults class too. It is the parents/guardians responsibility to ensure that the children they are supervising are respectful in the training room and do not disturb the other students.


In loving memory
We are saddened to announce that during this last lockdown, we have lost 2 beloved Phoenix Phamily members. Our thoughts and prayers go out to the families and friends of Rachel West and Michelle Murphy. They will always hold their place in our Phamily.
Rest in peace ladies



Feedback & Reviews

Thank you for recently using Phoenix Muay Thai Boxing – we hope your experience was a good one.

We’d be grateful if you would kindly share your experience with others by leaving us a review on Yell:

Phoenix Muay Thai Boxing would love your feedback. Post a Google review to our profile:


By reviewing us, you are helping us to improve and ensure that we deliver the best possible service and experience for our customers.

Leaving a review should take less than 2 minutes to complete – simply click Leave a review.

We hope to see you again soon,

Kru Rick Lewis

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1:1 Online Zoom Sessions


Hi All,

As most of you know I am a people person and I love connecting with people, so with that in mind, I am going to do some quick 15 minute personal lessons online over zoom, the sessions are free but a donation to Phoenix Outreach CIC would be appreciated to enable us to keep running our fantastic community projects. 

How the lesson will be run:

1.Send me a short video of you doing a technique that you are struggling with the day before your lesson (not the night before).

2. I’ll send you a Zoom link (make sure you have zoom set up and you’re ready to be online at your session time).

3.Be in uniform (if you have it) and be on time. 
(If you are late, I won’t wait)

4.Warm-up yourself before the session with 3 minutes of skipping then 10x press-ups, 10x sit-ups, 10x squats, and stretch your limbs etc. (If you don’t warm up beforehand you risk injury to yourself that may impact on further training).

5. A 15 minute 1:1 session via Zoom with me.

6. Following the session stretch off your limbs again, e.g., forward splits, side splits etc.

If this is something that you would like to do, please get in click the ‘BOOK ME IN’ button below and I will get you booked in.

Here is the Crowdfunding page link to make a donation to Phoenix Outreach CIC:

Stay safe,
Kru Rick

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The Art of Fighting

Click Below for ebook

Art of fighting ebook

Muay Thai

The Art of Fighting

Yod Ruerngsa, Khun Kao Charuad

and James Cartmell

Muay Thai The Art of Fighting

by Yod Ruerngsa, Khun Kao Charuad and James Cartmell

This DRAFT should not be sold, rented and etc.

All reprinting and citation of text in part or whole are prohibited.

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Muay Thai Federation uncovers visa racketeering ring

The Muay Thai Federation of Nigeria (MFN) has uncovered a visa racketeering pragmatic claiming to be muaythai athletes, in an attempt to get Egyptian visas.

Taken from National Online ng 

NMF president Paul Egonu speaking with the media, said about 30 individuals stormed the Egyptian Embassy in Nigeria claiming to be representatives of MFN going training camp.

They allegedly submitted applications for visa by forging the MFN letter head and seal.

Egonu said the federation has already written to the Egyptian embassy to notify them of the fraud, adding that none of the names listed for visa application is a member of the federation.

“Muaythai in Nigeria operate under the name know as Muaythai Federation of Nigeria (MFN), not Nigeria Muaythai Federation as claimed by this individuals. MFN is a member international Federation of Muaythai Association IFMA, member World Muaythai Council WMC.

“It is so unfortunate.  We are going to get to the bottom of it. Somebody needs to be arrested for giving us a bad image abroad. We have a bunch of fraudulent human beings whose job is to impersonate people, do visa racketeering and spoil the names of Nigeria in the world,” Egonu said.

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How dangerous is Muay Thai?

 Is Muay Thai Dangerous?

an original article from Muay Thai citizen


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Private 121 Muay Thai Boxing Lessons
Private 121 Muay Thai Boxing

So, you’re thinking about taking up Muay Thai. Maybe you want to get fit, learn some self-defence, or just pick it up as a new hobby. But after watching some Muay Thai fight videos on YouTube, you get a little apprehensive. “Is Muay Thai dangerous? Am I going to get all pummeled, bloodied and knocked out like those fellas in the videos?”

Is Muay Thai dangerous?

Yes, Muay Thai is dangerous. As with all competitive contact sports, there are definitely health risks involved but the keyword here being “competitive”.

Muay Thai fights in the ring can be brutal -and bloody- with flying knees, sharp elbow strikes, hard kicks to the guts, and swinging punches.

BUT! Training Muay Thai is a different thing and not as dangerous as it is made out to be. A majority of modern Muay Thai practitioners are actually non-competitive, and many do it purely for fitness and health purposes. 

If you are in it because you actually want to fight in the ring, and yet worried about the dangers, then you might want to consider something like fencing where you are less likely to go out on a stretcher.

On the other hand, if you just want to pick it up for fitness, losing weight, or self-defence, we say “Welcome!” as you have most certainly arrived at the right arena!

A Brief Introduction to Muay Thai training
You have ever seen that video of a Muay Thai fighter kicking down a banana? No worries, that’s not a norm in your typical Muay Thai class. Whew.

After adequate stretching, running and skipping as part of the warm-up routine, you will be asked to perform a myriad of things.

You will learn to execute basic techniques involving punches, kicks, elbow and knee strikes, and various blocks.

These can be in the form of shadow boxing, bag work, and pad work. There will also be various strengthening exercises involved such as push-ups, sit-ups, squats and any physical routine that your instructors are able to conjure.

You do need to be prepared though, that Muay Thai practice is going to hurt to a certain extent. Bruises and slight injuries are fairly common but usually nothing to worry about.

You are more likely to be experiencing muscle soreness from time to time, even if you have been training for a while. It is a physically challenging sport but you will only get fitter and stronger as long as you continue to train.

As you progress along the path of Muay Thai -after months of hitting pads, heavy bags and the air-, you may be invited into the world of clinching and sparring. This is the natural progression of learning and this is where it freaks many people out. It begets the next question:

How dangerous is Muay Thai sparring?

If the prospects of getting hurt or injured during sparring worries you, you really don’t have to spar at all.

Sparring is a personal choice in most gyms and most definitely not included as part of a beginner’s curriculum. It is also certainly NOT compulsory.

You don’t have to be peer-pressured into sparring and you most likely won’t enjoy the experience if it is something you are not comfortable with.

That said, the level of intensity during typical sparring classes is actually quite light and the mood is usually fun. With the right sparring partners.

You’ll get the occasional spaz and tensed-up beginner who have no idea how hard they are hitting. Plus a handful of people who like to go hard during sparring.

The true objective of sparring is to practise techniques, hone your reflexes and sharpen your instincts. The objective is NOT to win or to knock out your sparring partner. The objective is also NOT to lose your cool and level up the spar into a brawl.

Sparring is not simply a step down from fighting. Sparring is a practice for improvement. It is important to have your instructor around to supervise any sparring. They should be there to correct your techniques and most of all, make sure that tempers are kept in check.

You will get hit quite a bit in sparring, and this is why sparring should only be performed with the proper protective gear. Standard protective gear includes shin guards, mouth guard, groin guards (guys seem to need these more) and in some gyms, headgear for extra protection.

These gear will protect both yourself and your sparring partner and minimize any injuries. So always remember to bring your sparring gear.

On that note, there is one thing that you shouldn’t bring into sparring and that is your ego. Best to leave it at home, or in the locker.

Keep Calm and Muay Thai

Bottom line is, you can get injured in ANY sports that you do, even a “lazy” sport like golf, and that’s a fact.

With common sense, knowledgeable instructors, the right training partners, and the right mindset, Muay Thai is a fulfilling, empowering and enriching experience. From what we’ve observed, there seems to be a higher amount of dislocation, fracture and sprain cases going on in the Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) gym next door.

I have had my fair share of injuries from training and sparring. Sometimes out from training for a month due to overly-enthusiastic sparring partners. But more from just general strains and sprains although the rate of sustaining them is decreasing from better fitness, form and experience.

I’m in my 40s now and never athletic my whole life. If I can do it, so can anyone else.

Hopefully, this article has put your mind at a bit more ease. Your local fight gym -if of decent quality- should most likely offer a free trial class. You can get some tips on finding the right gym Read more about finding the right gym in this article: “How to find Muay Thai gyms near you“.

So pick the phone, or drop-in at the gym, and make an appointment for a trial. Never underestimate what you and your body are capable of. If you don’t try, you just won’t realize your full potential or reap the benefits of Muay Thai.

Have fun and Chok dee!

NOTE: If you have a medical condition, you might want to get yourself medically approved or certified by your specialist before getting enrolled for Muay Thai classes. This might include -but not limited to- metabolic bone conditions, muscular disorders, respiratory or any chronic conditions. Train hard, stay safe.

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Aberdeen to host all female boxing event on

By Tyrone Smith

BBC Scotland Sport

World champion Denise Castle will headline an all-female professional boxing event behind closed doors in Aberdeen on Saturday, 21 November.

The nine-fight card will be the first show in the UK to be overseen by an all-female team of officials.

Scottish multi-weight world champion Lee McAllister is promoting the event, which is sanctioned by the British and Irish Boxing Authority.

“We are making a stand here for the female boxing world,” he said.

“We are trying to push female boxing to the next level and get them 50-50 rights with the male fighters. How many shows are there with three male judges and a male referee? Every show.

“So we are trying to do it the opposite way round and put pressure on every other promoter, every other manager, every other commission to give the chance to female boxers and boxing officials.”

Former WBC muay thai world champion Castle, 48, secured the Wiba world minimum weight title a year ago with a fifth-round stoppage over Sutthinee Bamrungpao in Bangkok.

Her opponent for the bout at Aberdeen’s Northern Hotel is still to be confirmed.

Nicola Hopewell will meet Tasha Boyes in a rematch after Boyes’ arm injury retirement in their previous encounter.

Elsewhere on the undercard, Caitlin Foran faces Beccy Ferguson and Ellie Coulson takes on Czech fighter Ester Konecna.