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Covid-19 – Tier 3 Update

Dear Members,

I hope you and your family are safe and well.


On behalf of Phoenix Muay Thai Ltd, we would like to thank you for your continued patience and cooperation to date around various arrangements that have been different for us all, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.


It has now been confirmed that Greater Manchester has been upgraded to Tier 3, ‘VERY HIGH’ COVID-19 alert level. As our operations and protocols have always been informed by Government guidelines, we are continually working to ensure that we are doing all we can, to provide the safest possible environment for all at Phoenix Muay Thai Ltd.

For now, our existing guidance and protocols remain unchanged.


We would like to please ask for your continued support as we work hard to ensure that we are providing the safest possible environment for all members, staff and families. During times when infection rates are high, then we believe it is vital that we do all that we can to decrease any chance of infection.


In order to minimise the risk posed by COVID-19, then one major adjustment that we continue to ask for your cooperation on, is that we cannot currently allow parents/guardians on site without masks and you may be asked to leave the reception area due to limited space.


Whilst this is very different to how we would typically operate, whilst we would never choose to enforce this within “normal” times, and whilst we understand that this is not an ideal arrangement for yourselves and/or the members, we have imposed this arrangement and will continue to do so – in order to prioritise the minimisation of risk to all posed by COVID-19. We please ask for you to respect this arrangement with everybody’s safety at the forefront, including the need to follow all UK Government guidelines in and around the gym entrance/exit and car park areas when entering/leaving the gym. Any breach of the UK Government Guidelines and Phoenix Muay Thai Ltd Operational Policy on site could jeopardise the continuation of training and classes which will in-turn jeopardise the gyms future and my livelihood. We encourage you to remain familiar with any updates to UK Government guidelines, including “Hands, Face and Space”. The following point is particularly important when you are collecting and dropping off your child at Phoenix Muay Thai:


Stay 2 metres apart from people you do not live with, or 1 metre with extra precautions in place (such as wearing a face covering). 


Thank you in advance for your support and let us know if we can help to answer any questions or provide any further information in order to keep everybody as safe as possible.


Kind Regards


Stay Safe


Kru Rick Lewis.

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Theo gets his Muay Thai Uniform

The children were presented with their uniform in the Saturday class.
Their parents purchased their uniform as they have watched their progression and recognised their commitment to Phoenix Muay Thai over the past 4-8 weeks.
Kru presented the children with their uniform and explained the importance of the uniform and how it represents our club and how they should act respectfully at all times, especially when they are wearing the club uniform.
Welcome to the Phoenix Phamily.

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Gyms in the UK are continuing to control COVID-19 – research

Social Distance Phoenix Muay Thai Boxing Class

By Tom Walker at

Gyms in the UK are continuing to successfully control COVID-19 transmisssion, according to the latest figures released by industry body, ukactive.

There were 22 million visits to fitness facilities during the two months following reopening, with the number of COVID-19 cases per 100,000 visits logged as 0.34, with no community transmission occurring.

Huw Edwards, CEO of ukactive, says the data shows that protocols for monitoring and reporting in the sector are helping to control the virus and ensure the safety of members.

The data came from more than 1,500 facilities in England – measured from 25 July to 13 September.

The UK total, which takes into account different reopening dates in the devolved nations, shows a similar picture, with just 0.35 cases per 100,000 visits.

Importantly, the reported cases represent incidents where authorities have informed a facility that a user, who has had a positive result, attended a facility within a certain time period, rather than indicating transmission in the gym environment.

ukactive’s findings support a growing evidence base from across the globe showing that COVID-19 has a low prevalence in the gym environment.

Earlier this month, an analysis of 49.4 million member check-ins across 2,873 gyms in the US over three months studied the “visit-to-virus” ratio data from health and fitness clubs. It showed that, out of the nearly 50 million visits, only 0.0023 per cent had tested positive for COVID-19 – a result deemed statistically irrelevant.

“These findings show that the number of people with confirmed cases of COVID-19 visiting gyms remains extremely low, which is evidence of the huge efforts being made by gyms to ensure people do not visit if they might have the virus,” Edwards said.

“This shows that the proactive protocols put in place by gyms and leisure facilities to prevent people with the virus from visiting them are working, alongside the highest standards of cleanliness and safety to reduce the risk.

“We must remain vigilant and continue to monitor the situation closely, so that the Government and local authorities are armed with the best possible evidence to inform decisions about the sector.

“Our sector is helping to get the nation fitter and better prepared to fight the virus as we enter the autumn, providing an essential health service to the UK.

“The fitness and leisure sector has a vital role to play in fighting this health crisis, and its role will become even more important over the coming weeks and months.”