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The Return of the sparring class again, AGAIN!

The Return of the sparring class again, AGAIN!
Friday 29th July 2022
7 pm till 8 pm, children and adults.

– [ ] Students must be competent in Muay Thai which means no new starter.
– [ ] Students must have member-to-member insurance.
– [ ] Students must have the correct equipment, the right size and suitable gloves, shin pads and gum shield.
– [ ] Students must still wear the correct uniform.

How To Spar

when it comes to sparring, it is light no one is going to learn anything from hitting each other hard. so take it light and try remember what you have learned from the classes. 


– [ ] Elbows.
– [ ] Knee stomps.
– [ ] Head contact for the juniors.
– [ ] Try anything you are incapable of pull off, stick to your skill limits.
– [ ] Things you have seen on youtube.
– [ ] Don’t spar to win.


– [ ] Diversify Your Strikes.
– [ ] Throw Combinations.
– [ ] Counter a lot.
– [ ] Relax and Breathe.
– [ ] Have Fun.

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Maximum Power Muay Thai Boxing InterClub

Maximum Power Muay Thai

Sunday 17th October.

Hot & Cold food available all day 

Licensed bar and pool table 

All matches pre matched

First fight at 11am 

Doors open at 10am 

£7 entry to fighters and spectators 

All fighters receive a medal 

14 Wright St, Oldham OL1 3TF

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Theo gets his Muay Thai Uniform

The children were presented with their uniform in the Saturday class.
Their parents purchased their uniform as they have watched their progression and recognised their commitment to Phoenix Muay Thai over the past 4-8 weeks.
Kru presented the children with their uniform and explained the importance of the uniform and how it represents our club and how they should act respectfully at all times, especially when they are wearing the club uniform.
Welcome to the Phoenix Phamily.

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Sergio Student Of The Week

Well done to Sergio for training so good in his lesson today

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Thai Boxing New Starters


What you need to know about training with us.
Four important steps.

Step One

A Registration and Medical form needs to be filled in 

If you do not complete stage 1 ‘Disclaimer Form / Medical Form’ you will not be approved for stage 2 ‘booking app’.
This medical form is to ensure that we can give the best possible information to the emergency services, should they need to be called i.e., allergies, existing medical conditions etc and so we can immediately inform your next of kin should an injury/emergency arise.
You CAN NOT TRAIN in our gym without completing a ‘Disclaimer Form/Medical Form’. 

Please use the same email address (DO NOT USE AN PRIVATE APPLE I.D) and name on both the medical disclaimer and the booking app, so the team can match your details.

Step Two

Booking & pay for classes 

Join us at Phoenix Muay Thai on the Wix app to easily stay updated and get in touch with us on the go.

Join with this link: Got the app? Use the invite code: 01S1DW

Our booking T&C’s  

If you/your child cannot attend the session you have booked, you must give at least 24 hours’ notice by cancelling the place on the booking app, then it gives someone else the chance to book the session, please then message us through the app to let us know what day you want to attend instead and we will roll your session over (do not book on this session). 

Your lesson can’t be cancelled with less than 24 hours notice, unfortunately, we can not give refunds or roll your session at this point, please do not call/text to ask the question or roll your session, please communicate through the booking app.

Stripe’s fees on the original payment fee (which are 0.29p) will not be returned in case of a refund.  

 All booking enquiries can be dealt with via our booking team. They can be contacted via the chat option on the Spaces By Wix app, not via any of the social media outlets. This is the quickest way to get a response.

Kru Rick does not deal with booking enquiries. If the class you want to attend is full, please send a message to the team to request to be put on a waiting list and they will advise you if anyone cancels. Cancellations are offered on a first come first served basis.

The system doesn’t currently allow you to book 2 people in under the same email address/login on the same class. If you book one in on the system and pay cash in reception for the sibling. We make allowances for siblings in the classes but one must be booked in on the app.

Please use the same email address on both the medical disclaimer and the booking app, so the team can match your details. 

Step Three

Time Table
Click On-Time Table

Class Timetable


Step Four

Welcome Pack Detail of uniform, the colour of gloves, etc

Welcome Pack